Real Estate Photo-shoot Checklist - lasko

Real Estate Photo-Shoot Checklist

In Every Room:

 Clean all windows and glass

 Ensure all lights work properly

 Open blinds and shutters

 Remove small rugs or runners

 Straighten all wall hangings

 Remove personal photos and collections

 Make sure all ceiling fans are off

Kitchen Tips:

 Remove all items from the front and top of fridge

 Unclutter counters (toasters, dish racks, utensils, etc.)

 Clean stove-top and fronts of appliances

 Empty sink and put sponges away

 Remove all trash cans, pet dishes, chargers, etc.

Family Rooms:

 Remove: Remotes, pet beds/dishes/toys, exercise equipment

 Straighten books and DVD’s

 Hide cables when possible

 Clean out and place fresh logs in fireplace if possible

 Organize or remove extra pillows and blankets from furniture


 Declutter desk top area and organize papers

 Hide cables

 Organize and straighten bookshelves

 Remove Trash cans and shredders


 Make sure all loose sheets and blankets are tucked in when you make the bed

 Remove items from dressers and bedside tables

 Remove personalized décor when possible

 Move laundry baskets

 Remove or organize stuffed animals and toys


 Remove and used towels and neatly hang clean towels

 Hide toiletries from counter

 Clean mirror

 Remove all cleaning supplies, plunger, air fresheners, etc.

 Remove shower supplies

 Remove trash can


 Park cars and trailers out of sight when possible

 Hide trash cans

 Move pet items out of view

 Move toys, shoes, or other items out of view

 Coil or remove hoses and sprinklers

 Sweep or blow any leaves off of walk ways

 Trim grass, dead branches, and bushes

 Schedule the pool/pond cleaner for the day or morning before

 Clean and organize outside furniture

 Turn on any outside lights and water features

 Burn all piles at least two days in advance

I typically don’t photograph closets, pantries, and garages. These are great places to put unnecessary items during the photo shoot. You know your home best, please let me know if there is a special feature that you want photographed. If there is something that you don’t want photographed let me know that as well. Please feel free to email me any questions or for a printable version of this list