Welcome Realtors!

Each home is unique, I spend time inside and outside of your listings to capture the details that will make your home pop.

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule please contact me at:


Real Estate Gallery

Things to think of before scheduling:

- Weather: It's always changing and forecasts are rarely accurate. Please be flexible and keep in mind that we may need to reschedule due to bad weather.

- Scheduled Maintenance: Please keep in mind when your trash is picked up (a street lined with trash cans doesn't add much curb appeal). Also it is best for me to come right after the  gardener, pool cleaner, housekeeper, or construction is done.

- Homeowners: I work best with few distractions but I understand that it isn't always possible  for the house to be empty. I can work around anyone who needs to be home while I am  photographing. Please have them ready to move about the house as I photograph different  rooms. Often I can photograph a bedroom or den first so there is a place for the kids to hang  out while I finish. Make sure you send your homeowners to look at my checklist page so they know how to prepare.

- Time of Day: I prefer to photograph homes when the sun is low. Either early morning or later  in the afternoon are the best times but I can be flexible. West facing homes are lit better in  the late afternoon while East facing homes have the sun on them in the morning.

- Turn Around: I usually take 1-2 days to process your photos and upload them for you. If you need to put a home on Metrolist on a certain day please make sure we schedule to give you enough time to upload them.

Why hire a professional real estate photographer?

1. Equipment: I know your friend has a camera and probably takes great pictures. I know your phone can take decent pictures too. Ultimately they can’t match the quality of a photo taken with high quality camera, lens, flash, tri-pod, and edited with quality software.

2. Experience: Over the years I have learned what angles will work best in different rooms. I know how to use my equipment to capture the home at its best. I also love to be outdoors and capture the beauty and uniqueness of the different properties I photograph.

3. Professional: By hiring a professional you are telling your clients that they are important. You are showing them that you want to do everything possible to make sure their home gets viewed on-line, those views lead to showings.

4. Memories: You aren’t just creating photos to attract buyers, you are leaving your clients with memories of a home they lived and loved in.

5. Statistics: The numbers don't lie

          Professionally photographed homes attract 61% more online views. (marketleader.com)

          Sell your house 32% faster with professional photographs. (PRNewswire.com)

         Earn twice as much commission with a professional photographer. (inman.com)